Slow Travel in Australia

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Here are some suggestions to leaving a gentler footprint (starting with the less than Slow options). Remember Australia is a very very large country. Rather than trying to see the entire continent in a single trip consider an extended holiday and travel by rail, or focus on a region (which still would be the size of a European country!) and experienced it more thoroughly

Rail in Australia
High speed trains link the state capitals Melbourne –Sydney-Canberra-Brisbane . The India Pacific takes three days from Adelaide to Perth (train starts in Sydney). The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin (passing Alice Springs) takes a similar time.


Greyhound Australia provide interstate services between the major cities. Within each state there are bus companies offering routes to the majority provincial towns and villages. Many of the bus companies have cottoned onto their greener travel benefits and have improved engine efficiency and fuel type.


Use the motor associations website, they recommend efficient route plans, so saving fuel. Use E10 ethanol fuel, this reduces emissions by 4%. Don’t use a GPS because frankly their routes in regional Australia are not the most direct due to poor content.

Car Rental

Ask to rent a hybid car and follow the E10 tips above.


Many taxis run on LPG and can emit 10-30% less CO2 than conventional vehicles (NRMA). However a word of warning, in the major cities taxi drivers are not very conversant with directions, so know where you are going.Taxis in regional areas know the lie of the land.


Each major city has a bike rental company. For Sydney visit There are also mountain bike rental companies in many regions and your accommodation may provide bikes.

Rather than drive every day consider doing activities in the local area.Canoeing (river) and Kyaking (sea). Horse Riding (be sure to check where their food is transported from and how the end result is used!). Walking (the traveller’s preferred option - remember to take water and keep out of the sun in the middle of the day in summer). Surfing (Australia has great unspoilt beaches).Reflecting – take stock of what you have seen, read and relax (listen to the Test Match) in a hammock!

More Details
Helpful links to transport options in Australia that will add to your holiday experience

What is Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia doing to improve my options?

  • Researching to identify if there are economic and environmental benefits of E85 fuel (85%ethanol)
  • Using E10 fuel which uses molasses and starch by products and reduces emissions by 4%
  • Maintain car to reduce emissions, consolidate journeys, drive smoothly
  • Provide optimised routes for guests so journeys are as efficint as possible
  • Your hosts provide free transfers from Berry (rail and Bus) and loan guests use of a car (conditions apply).

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