Responsible Travel to Australia

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Flying To Australia

Planes are seen as the big one, how can you do it better? Fly Smart is a system that has analysed the energy efficiency of different airlines and their aircraft to offer you the best options on price and carbon friendly flights. There are many new more energy efficient planes being introduced.

Al a Carte Travel To Australia

You may prefer to combine rail with air travel, especially the Singapore to Australia or Beijing to Australia. Travelling by train is more environmentally friendly and you definitely enjoy a sense of arrival. Remember that the less stops a plane makes the lower the carbon emissions.

Travel from Europe to Australia by Rail

There are two options. One: train to Moscow and then Trans Siberia Railway to Vladivostok. This takes seven days. 1st class compartment 2 berth. $1,100 one way fare. Then passenger carrying –freighter. Two: train to Moscow, Trans Mongolian line Moscow to Beijing. 1st class compartment 2 berth $1,800 one way. Then by train to Hanoi and Saigon, bus to Thailand and rail from Bangkok to Singapore and freighter.

Travel from North America to Australia by Sea

You can select cruise (which may have its own high footprint) or passenger-carrying freighter.

Travel from South East Asia to Australia by Rail

There are trains that run from Hong Kong, Hanoi, Saigon and bus connection to Bangkok and Singapore.

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