Responsible Travel - Good Exploring

The world’s rich diversity of culture and nature is something to be respected and enjoyed by us all. Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia have some tips here to help you plan a responsible Good Holiday.

Aboriginal Experiences

Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia only promote respectful and non commercialised Aboriginal experiences. This allows you to have a much more personalised and genuine encounter. The Aboriginal community will share aspects of their civilization that they feel comfortable telling. Their  knowledge and legends are of great value to them and will be a wonderful life changing experience for you. 

Ask local Aboriginal people first if you want to photograph them. But please remember they are not performers.

If in doubt ask your guide arranged by Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia.


Australian Aboriginal Sites

There are thousands of Australian Indigenous Cultural Heritage sites in Kangaroo Valley & on the New South Wales South Coast. Many are several thousands of years old. Some of the site locations are within the numerous Australian National Parks of the region.

However, please leave them as your found them, do not damage or remove any elements. These are important sites for our Indigenous communities on the south coast.

Bushwalking In Australia

Australia is a LARGE country and for your safety you should follow the Bush Walking Code. Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia will provide you with details and maps for your bushwalks in the Australian National Parks of the region. Hats and sun screen is also available. Keep to the trails, be responsible and let us know where you are going and when you expect to return. The bush and coastal walks available in the Kangaroo Valley and NSW South Coast are magnificent - you’ll enjoy them all the more if you are prepared.

Download Bushwalking Code

Buy Local

  • Consider buying local food & beverages. Ask for and select items on menus which use local seasonal produce and when offered organic produce. This cuts down transport emissions delivering food from a far and organic options are much better for local biodiversity.
  • Taste the real thing! Your hosts can recommend local butchers offering "free range" meat, or arrange a BBQ pack for you. Your hosts also offer their own free range eggs.
  • Buy the real thing! Choose arts and crafts that are made in Australia (beware of cheap imitations). It helps the local communities, lets you enjoy a unique & real experience or take home an authentic work of art!
    You hosts will be glad to recommend excellent authentic local shops and galleries

Carrying Water

You should always carry water with you. Use reusable water bottles (you can buy them from us if you wish – profits go to local conservation), there are public water taps and cafes and pubs will be prepared to refill if you ask nicely!

Cool Times

  • In your accommodation try to rely on natural ventilation rather than reaching for the a/c , its great un polluted fresh air and quiet!
  • In the summer months consider taking a siesta during the warmer afternoons and enjoying the cooler evenings outside.

Making a Difference

Make a contribution to the local conservation of wildlife; they are being affected by Climate Change. You might either make a donation or ask your hosts for local conservation projects you can help with practically while on holiday.

Planning Your Good Holiday

What to look for

  • Make sure the tourism business has a Responsible Travel Policy, ask to see/read a copy. Not every operator displays such information on their website so you might have to ask specific questions
  • See if the business not only claims environmental actions but also provides a report indicating achievements
  • Specifically check to see if the report states results by guest night
  • Consider Responsible Travel transport alternatives. Transport accounts for the majority of tourism's pollution
  • If you do fly then make sure the majority of your expenditure goes to the local community

Public Toilets in Australia

A useful website with a list of all the public toilets in Australia: wheelchair access, baby change facilities, accessible parking and much more, address and period open can be found here.

Accessible and Public Toilets

Returning Home

  • Enjoy displaying your arts and crafts bought on holiday and explaining what they are made from and their significance. This will help to spread the appreciation of local skills in Australai, after all in an increasingly standardised world your individual piece of art has not been mass produced and you selected it responsibly
  • Share your good holiday experiences with friends and family (you might want to correct the widely held misconception that there is only one type of Australian Aboriginal people)
  • When you arrive home continuing to select fresh local produce (if you don't already)
  • Consider minimising your energy use (if you don't already)

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