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Kangaroo Valley and South Coast NSW Australia offers wonderful adventure attractions like Booderee, Jervis Bay, dolphin watching and canoeing. In fact the jewels of this region are recognised as some of the finest examples of natural and cultural heritage in Australia.

Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia proudly showcases the very best experiences, to offer you a unique view of Australia. The attractions are away from the crowds but close to nature and locals. The Real Australia.

We specialise in just this region (and a bit beyond!) and take great care to offer responsible attractions and local businesses who are mindful of their environmental footprint and who are taking responsible action to become more sustainable (we personally check their claims). So you are assured of precious memories, peace of mind and real value – a Good Holiday!

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Booderee National Park - Australian Travel Destination

Booderee National Park is one of Australia’s top ten National Parks and winner of the Australian national Indigenous Tourism award, Booderee National Park offers you fantastic coastal panoramas, pristine beaches so deserted you’ll enjoy them all to yourselves. Learn about medicinal plants from local members of the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community who jointly manage the park.

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Canberra's Capital Culture - Australian Travel Destination

Canberra is the capital of Australia and much over looked by international travelers. Its gems are national cultural attractions so it makes a perfect stop over as you explore South East Australia. Being inland the journey to Canberra offers sweeping landscapes and historic settlements.

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Gardens & Parks - Australian Travel Destination

Australia’s uniqueness is perhaps best expressed thought its gardens. Beautiful natural settings can be compared with formal majestic landscape, remarkable native flora mixed with colonial gardens and exotic plants juxtaposed with Australian Aboriginal medicine plants. And the South East of Australia, thanks to its good rainfall and temperate climate offers some of the very best places to see.

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Green Sydney - Australian Travel Destination

Sydney is a fabulous city, see our selective greener activities and cultural options which provide the responsible travelers with some of the best places to see. Sydney’s main call to fame is its harbour, so it’s the natural angle that has guided us to give you the greatest memories of one of the world’s greatest cities. Ideas listed are all in walking distance (or cycling if you prefer) with some joyful ferry rides.

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Kangaroo Valley NSW - Australian Travel Destination

Listed by the National Trust for its outstanding natural beauty Kangaroo Valley offers magnificent panoramas of temperate rainforest and eucalyptus forests draped over golden sandstone escarpments. Across the valley floor the lush pasture land is dotted with heritage buildings, pioneer settlements and laced by the Kangaroo River system home to platypus and kookaburras.

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South Coast NSW - Australian Travel Destination

What make the NSW South Coast such a joy to travel to is its unspoilt attractions and friendly locals. While this region of Australia has some fine natural environments and sacred Australian Indigenous sites it is also thankfully over looked by mass market tourism. So you get to enjoy an authentic experience and the Real Australia.

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Southern Highlands NSW - Australian Travel Destination

The Southern Highlands boarders Kangaroo Valley NSW. Its nature areas and local food and wine make great places to visit on a leisurely tour from either Sydney or Canberra. Our speciality is to tailor make your itinerary that specifically suit your interests whether it be from spotting the famous Swamp Parrot (Ground Parrot), seen in the Barren Grounds or cold climate wine tasting. Above all we’ve selected responsible attractions that will suit your wish to tread lightly and discover the Southern Highlands and Capital Country.

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