Amazing Slow Travel Options to Australia from Europe & S.E Asia

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Travel from UK and Europe to Australia by rail and sea

There are two options or check the At A Glance Itinerary.

  • One: train to Moscow and then Trans Siberia Railway to Vladivostok. This takes seven days. 1st class compartment 2 berth. $1,100 one way fare. You can then book passage on a passenger carrying –freighter second option If you want to stop en route in South Korea or Japan consider travelling on the Eastern Dream  and then on to Australia.
  • Two: train to Moscow, Trans Mongolian line Moscow to Beijing. 1st class compartment 2 berth $1,800 one way. You can either take the trains to Hanoi and onwards down to Singapore or two options of  passenger-carrying freighter second option to Australian. Book your Russian tickets and tickets to Hanoi  and arrange your visas before you travel.

South East Asia to Australia by Rail

There are trains that run from Hong Kong, Hanoi, Saigon and bus connection to Bangkok and Singapore. Be sure to arrange visas in advance to avoid stress at the boarders.

The Thomas Cook Railways timetable is updated every two months and covers the key Asia/Indochina and Australian rail timetables and can be bought online for worldwide delivery.

  • Beijing to Hanoi – twice weekly and takes two days. There is a Chinese express train (air conditioned with four berth compartments and restaurant car) to Dong Dong on the Chinese Vietnam board. You change to a metre-gauge train to continue to Hanoi. You arrive at Hanoi’s “B” station. timetable check  Booking tickets for this journey. Visas will need to be arranged before your travel.
  • Hanoi to Saigon - Takes three days and travels 1,700 kms. The train is $110 single air conditioned and has 4 berth soft berths. The SE trains are the higher option. Check timetable 

    There is also a tourist train run by a private company with superior comfort  This runs from Hanoi to Danang so you will then have to purchase the Danang Saigon section

  • Saigon to Bangkok this journey involves taking a bus to:
    - Saigon to Phom Phen (250 km and takes about 7 ½ hours). These are small local bus services so buy a ticket in Saigon.  Change buses at the border.
    - Phom Phen to Siem Reap (Argkor Wat) Bus services – visit famous World Heritage Angkor Wat Temples.
    - Siem Reap to Bangkok. Take a shared taxi to Poiphet on the Cambodian boarder. Then take a bus or tuk tuk the 15 km to Aranyaprathet for the 5 ½ hour train journey to Bangkok (Huakamphong Station). Costs are minimal. Currently there are two trains that run per day so check Thailand Railway timetable.
  • Bangkok to Singapore – Two Options here. The first is to travel in luxury with the Eastern & Oriental Express  over 4 days and 3 nights for over $4,000 including meals. Or the second option for approximately $60 and one ticket is to travel Bangkok (Hualamphong Station) to Butterworth on the “International Train” with air conditioning and sleeping cars - 11 hours. Butterworth is close to Penang and you can stay here or continue on the next train over night to Kuala Lumpar – about 8 hours. From Kuala Lumpar to Singapore there are three trains a day on a 9 hour trip.
  • Singapore to Australia – There is no regular ferry service so passenger-carrying freighter is the option or flying. There are weekly services to Brisbane and Sydney. They take between 8 to 11 days days depending on the vessel.

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