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We believe that your holiday should be a wonderful unforgettable experience. Where you have been inspired and rejuvenated. Our expertise and local knowledge allows us to tailor make your vacation just for you.

Eco Friendly: Australian ToursEco Friendly: Australian ToursKangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery is owned by Christopher & Sophie Warren who live in Kangaroo Valley on the New South Wales South Coast.

Sophie was born in the coastal township of Milton and was brought up on a local South Coast dairy farm. Her family have a long standing history with the very earliest European settlement in the region. She will quite simply be showing you her homeland.

Christopher, originally from London is a ‘new Australian'. He takes an interest in the environment and is researching the First Australian's history of the South Coast. Together they have won over 15 tourism awards.

Being a small specialist travel business Kangaroo Valley & South Coast Discovery Tours Australia has a unique view on creating holidays. We personally research, check and showcase tourism attractions and activities that we feel you will enjoy. Not only because your itinerary will be designed with your needs in mind but because we showcase responsible Australian tourism products and travel services.

These are businesses or areas with a strong commitment to environmental conservation or select fresh local produce or support their community and are proud to promote local heritage.


What are our commitments?

Cultural Conservation

  • Researching the First Australian's history of the South Coast, working with the Koori community to conserve its culture. This includes using tourism to raising public awareness of the Indigenous people's rich civilization.
  • Conservation of local European Settlers cultural heritage. This includes the preservation of Hampden Bridge - Australia's last suspension bridge of the Victorian era.

Environmental Conservation

  • Support Friends of the Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby and the WIRES wildlife research and rescue charity.

Empowering Tourism Business

  • By showcasing successful businesses which act responsibly we assist them to become more sustainable
  • By providing planning advice we assist you in greening your holiday and using more sustainable services

Eco Friendly Office Practices

  • Printing only on 100% recycle paper using biodegradable inks
  • Recycling ink cartridges
  • Operating an energy efficient computer
  • Turning off appliances
  • Making use spoiled paper
  • Choosing reusable or recyclable packaging

Continuously seeking ways to reduce landfill waste

  • Purchase of 100% Green Renewable Energy and accredited firewood
  • Reduce use of energy through efficient lighting, insulation, equipment control
  • Minimise use of car, use E10 fuel
  • Harvest rainwater and installed 3 star water saving fixtures
  • Priority given to Skype conferencing rather than travel
  • Include air travel in all business CO2 calculations

Auditing & Verifying

  • Following audit balance emissions calculated and tree planting contribution to conservation based on 4 trees per tonne of CO2 at 1.1 planting rate to cover loss
  • We calculate our GHG emissions quarterly; figures are audited and independently verified.

Best Practice

  • Our systems comply with ISO 14064 and includes Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Our GHG Emissions footprint is 20 tonnes per annum

Marketing Pledge

  • Avoid Green washing by ensuring that all claims follow best practice and can be   verified by the operator and when required by an independent judge
  • We aim to honestly inform the reader, will not make over claims, nor mislead, nor use images to imply a stronger environmental benefit than is actually delivered
  • We will not state environmental claims that while literally correct are unlikely to happen in practice
  • However, we will convey information and images which we feel are a fair and honest representation as provided by the tourism businesses which are to the best of our knowledge.

Read more about Responsible Tourism in Australia...

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